Social Networks


The easiest way for someone to hurt your identity online is to mine your social networks for information, or impersonate you.

Things you can do to protect yourself


  1. Two Factor Authentication (2FA or MFA): This allows you to prove your identity using something that is on your person (like a phone)
  2. Password strength: use a strong password that isn't easy to guess
  3. Privacy settings: you should check them yearly to see what is changing, and only share with those you intend to
  4. Scams and Phishing: If something is designed to elicit an emotional response from you, stop and think about it before you click on the link.
  5. Don't use your Arbor email address for personal websites. Your Arbor email is only intended to be used officially at SAU, and you are not guaranteed permanent access to it.
  6. Don't use third party applications to access your social media accounts.
  7. Be a Christ like person online, your actions do have consequences.