What is identity theft?

  1. Someone steals your personal information
  2. Uses it without permission
  3. Can be used to damage your finances, credit history and reputation

How can I know my information was stolen?


How does identity theft happen?

  1. Steal information from trash or from a business
  2. Trick you
  3. Steal a wallet or purse
  4. Present false offers
  5. Swipe your credit card at a gas pump

What should I do if I am suspicious?


Fraud checklist


Which card is safest?


How can I protect my identity?


  1. Secure your Social Security Number. If someone asks for it, ask: -Why do you need it? -How will it be used? -How do you protect it?
  2. Keep your important papers secure
  3. Be careful with your mail
  4. Shred sensitive documents
  5. Be leery of sharing compromising information on social media
  6. Monitor your Credit Report -Your right to a free credit report every 12 months: 1-877-322-8228
  7. Place a Security Freeze on your Credit File with all three Credit Bureaus.
  8. Reduce the credit limits on your credit cards.
  9. Use credit cards rather than debit cards for online transactions.
  10. Use PayPal for online transactions.
  11. bserve those who take your credit/debit card at restaurants.
  12. Limit the number of accounts you have open.